A&M Animal Control is the leading animal and pest control service in Southeast Michigan because we have what it takes to get the job done.

Have you experienced:

  • Strange noises in the attic?
  • Holes in the roof or outside walls?
  • Holes in food packaging or droppings on the floor?



Peace of Mind

A and M can remove squirrels in southeast michigan

The expert technicians at A&M Animal Control have been helping residents of Southeast Michigan with rodent treatment and wildlife removal for years.


A and M Animal control can remove raccoons from the attic in southeast michigan

We’re licensed by the state of Michigan and comply with all federal, state and local government rules and regulations.


A and M animal control removes mice from your house in southeast michigan

Having pests or animals in your home can be unnerving. We know your goal is to have a peaceful home and we’ll work hard to get it done for you.