Raccoon Removal

Removing raccoons from Southeast Michigan attics is one of our most requested services. Every year we remove hundreds of raccoons from attics in Troy, Oxford, Waterford, West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham and other cities in Oakland County. We use humane methods to trap and relocate raccoons from your property to unpopulated areas where they can live safely without encountering humans.

Raccoons in your attic is common in Michigan where wildlife seek shelter. Occasionally they will voluntarily leave but it’s important to trap and relocate them to prevent having them return to your attic next time they want shelter.

Raccoons are thought to be clean animals because they use a latrine to urinate and defecate rather than leaving waste in their living area which is common with rodents. But raccoons could make a latrine in a separate part of your attic which will then be very expensive to remove and replace the affected insulation.

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Mouse Eradication

One of the most common questions A&M Animal Control is asked to help with is getting rid of mice in the home. Mice in Oakland County are considered pests because they live in houses, get into our food and gnaw on wood and wires. The most common complaints about mice include:

  • Mice moving around in the attic
  • Mice scratching in walls
  • Mice getting into food in the kitchen

In Oakland County we have residential areas that normally have large trees with fields or woods in our neighborhoods. This is ideal for house mice because they can blend in to the brown color of fallen leaves and dried grass. The mice common in Oakland County are called field mice (also called house mice) and are brown with a length of about 5″ to 8″ included their tail. Getting rid of mice from your home usually involves treating with poison and preventing them from entering the house again.

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Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs are a common nuisance in Oakland County Michigan and they can cause a lot of damage when living under or near your house. They will eat your plants and will destroy your fruit and vegetable gardens. The best solution is always to trap and remove the animal.

At A&M Animal Contol, we only use live trap cages to trap groundhogs. Our live traps are set in the groundhog’s path, usually between the burrow and a source of food. We bait the live traps with berries or vegetables and when we catch the groundhog, we relocate it several miles away.

In Oakland County, groundhogs have many options for garden vegetables or fruit to eat. We’ve found them to be fans of raspberries, strawberries, sunflower seeds, and even leaves of geraniums or other flowering plants. They tend to live in shaded areas like under a deck or in an area of dense ground covering. When they burrow under your deck, it is particularly important to catch the groundhog and block access to prevent another animal from using the same burrow.

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Squirrel Trapping

Squirrels in the attic is a big problem in Oakland County Michigan. Like other animals, squirrels will get into your attic to find shelter. They will find a piece of rotten wood siding or a hole near a roof vent and use that to access your attic. All a squirrel needs to get into the attic is a hole about 1 inch in diameter; just enough to get their head through.

Sometimes the entry point is very difficult to recognize if it is fairly new. But over time the entry point will get larger as the squirrel goes in and out of the attic, making it easier to spot. 

At A&M Animal Control, we usually find the most effective way to catch the target squirrel is to set a live trap on the roof, near the entry points. Traps set in the attic are usually not effective in catching squirrels. Some traps can also be set on the hole itself, forcing the target squirrels into the trap. Another type of trap will allow the squirrel to leave the attic and not enter through the same hole. Depending on the situation, we will select the best trap to catch the squirrel and make your home peaceful again.

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